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  本着“立足社会,服务社会”的原则,集团凭借在航运方面的优势,结合实践经验,于2007年与烟台大学海洋学院联合成立“烟台大学船员培训中心”,同年7月,培训中心通过了国家海事局组织的师资设备验收,同年11月,通过了国家海事局组织的船员教育培训质量体系审核,成为山东首家开展航海类本科学历教育的综合类院校。2012年12月,通过了国家海事局船长、轮机长、大副、大管轮及《十大彩票网赌平台》过渡期履约培训等新增培训项目现场核验及船员教育和培训管理管理体系附加审核。学院现具有大型航海模拟器、电子海图、GMDSS通信、航海雷达与ARPA、轮机模拟器、主机辅机拆装、电工工艺、金工工艺等先进的航海类教学与实验设施设备。 我们旨在与大学共同培养一批能够有效地将理论融入实践的高级航运人才,更多更好的向快速发展的航运业注入新鲜血液。 “您的需求是我们的追求”,让金海洋船队协助您创业,共同发展。
  Combined School
  Based on the principle of "basing in society and serving the society", the group relied on its advantages in shipping and combined practical experience to jointly establish the "Yantai University Crew Training Center" in 2007 with the Ocean School of Yantai University. In July of the same year, the training center passed The National Maritime Safety Administration organized the inspection and acceptance of teachers and equipment. In November of the same year, it passed the crew education and training quality system audit organized by the National Maritime Safety Administration and became the first comprehensive college in Shandong to carry out maritime undergraduate education. In December 2012, it passed the on-site verification of new training projects such as the captain, chief engineer, chief mate, chief officer of the State Maritime Safety Administration, and the "STCW Convention" transition period performance training and additional review of the crew education and training management system. The college now has advanced navigational teaching and experimental facilities and equipment such as large-scale navigation simulators, electronic charts, GMDSS communications, navigation radar and ARPA, marine engine simulators, main and auxiliary machinery disassembly and assembly, electrical technology, metalworking technology, etc. We aim to work with universities to train a group of senior shipping talents who can effectively integrate theory into practice, and inject more and better fresh blood into the fast-growing shipping industry. "Your needs are our pursuit", let the Golden Ocean Fleet assist you in starting a business and developing together.


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